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There’s a lot out there, too much for us to comment on in an individual post each. This page keeps track of the content we’ve found but not expanded on ourselves. Some of the links are historical, most are content that’s being posted here as it’s posted there.

Date Title & Link Categories Source
6/Apr/2020 Airspeeder: World’s first flying electric car racing series makes giant leap forward Airspeeder, Public Acceptance thenewsmarket
It may take 20 years, but your air taxi is on the way UAM, Drone, Operations Air & Space
Are flying taxis ready for lift-off? Vertical Aerospace, Lilium, Wisk, Joby Aviation, Ehang, Uber Elevate, Volocopter, EASA, Public Acceptance, Regulations, Operations The Guardian
  Pilotless air taxi from China’s Ehang takes flight in the US for the first time UAM, Ehang, Operations The Verge
  How do you ascertain user acceptability if you keep killing off the users? Public Acceptance The Register
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6/Mar/2020 UK ‘Will Leave’ EASA, Says British Transportation Secretary EASA, CAA, Regulations Aviation Week
  Rare Earth metals: Will we have enough? Magnets, Mining State of the Planet
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16/Nov/2019 Student eVTOL aircraft aiming to win Boeing’s personal flight GoFly prize Silverwing, UAM, eVTOL, TU Delft, GoFly Silverwing
  MagniX’s 750-hp electric motor turns its first propellor at full bore MagniX, propulsion New Atlas
  US & Australia rare earth minerals tie-up Magnetic Materials, Rare Earths, Magnets
  Siemens partners with Chinese TIES to develop new EV battry technologies Siemens, TIES, Batteries, Energy Storage Siemens
  Scylax announces island-hopping electric airliner Scylax, E10, RAM, aircraft
  UPS gets FAA approval to operate a drone delivery airline UAV, UPS, FAA, regulations TechCrunch
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26/Sep/2019 Tilt Wing Configuration for High Speed VSTOL Aircraft DuFour, Tilt-Wing, Configuration DuFour
  NEAT Tests Megawatt-Scale Electric Aircraft Power Systems NASA, NEAT, Powertrain NASA
  Thermal engines vs. Electric Motors How new propulsion technologies are influencing the next generation of air vehicles Airbus, Powertrain, Hybrid, Energy Storage Airbus
  From the Oceans to the Skies – The Inspiration Behind the Lilium Jet Design Lilium Jet, Design Lilium
  First Ground Test of Safran’s Hybrid Electric Propulsion System SAFRAN, Powertrain, Hybrid, Propulsion AVITrader
  Solid Power Batteries – Headed for Production? Energy Storage, Batteries Sustainable Skies
  New Airbus Battery Lab to Push Battery Technology in Shenzhen Airbus China Innovation Centre, Energy Storage, Batteries Airbus
  A Journey Through the History of Electric Aircraft – It is almost half a century since the first manned, electrically propelled flight Configuration, MB-1E, Pipistrel, Airbus, Siemens
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04/Sep/2019 Regulators Try to Catch Flying Cars CAA, FAA, Regulations, Governance
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29/Aug/2019 EASA First to Publish eVTOL Regulations; Creates New Category: SC-VTOL EASA, Regulations, Governance Electric VTOL News
  MagniX Retrofitting Harbour Air Beavers, Aiming for First Commercial EA Flights Harbour Air, Magnix, Seaplane, Propulsion, DHC-2 Beaver, magni500 Harbour Air
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18/Aug/2019 Uber and NASA sign second Space Act Agreement to use airspace management modelling and simulations to assess impact and safety issues of integrating UAM operations in urban environments NASA, Uber, UAM, ATC, Governance, Operations Electric VTOL News
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6/Aug/2019 B-N Islander Electrification may Lead to World’s First Scheduled Service in Orkney Loganair, Cranfield University, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Project Fresson, Operations, Islander Royal Aeronautical Society
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1/Aug/2019 First BVLOS drone Flight w/o Human Observers from Iris, Skyfront and Echodyne Iris Automation, SkyFront, Echodyne, BVLOS, Drone, Control Iris Automation
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17/Jul/2019 Hybrid Electric Retrofits will lead the way in Decarbonizing Aviation Ampaire, Market, Public Acceptance, Medium Ampaire
  Vertical Aerospace becomes Honeywell’s First Partner for their Fly-By-Wire eVTOL Control System Vertical Aerospace, Honeywell, eVTOL, fly-by-wire Vertical Aerospace
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8/Jul/2019 Airspeeder Racing takes off Airspeeder, Air Racing, Public Acceptance Flyer
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26/Jun/2019 Boeing partners with Kitty Hawk for eVTOLs Boeing, Kitty Hawk, Public Acceptance, eVTOL Flyer
  Daher, Airbus and Safran to develop EcoPulse, distributed hybrid demonstrator EcoPulse, Airbus, Safran, Daher, Hybrid Safran
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18/Jun/2019 Rolls-Royce accelerates electrification strategy with acquisition of Siemens’ electric and hybrid-electric aerospace propulsion business Propulsion, Rolls-Royce, Siemens Rolls-Royce
  Pipistrel Unveils 801 eVTOL at Uber’s Elevate Summit Pipistrel, 801, eVTOL, Public Acceptance Pipistrel
  Personal Airline Exchange Announces Order for Ampaire Electric Aircraft Ampaire, Personal Airline Exchange, PAX, Electric EEL Ampaire
  Vogi 1 eVTOL Passively Coupled Tiltrotor Successfully Flown Vogi, eVTOL, Multi-Rotor, Tilt Rotor, Drone, Coriolis g Corporation Sustainable Skies
  Eviation Completes Prototype of Alice Electric Aircraft Eviation, Alice AINonline
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12/Jun/2019 What Flying Taxis Could Really be Like Public Acceptance, Operations Independent
  Flying Cars: Automating the Skies means Playing with our Lives Public Acceptance, Operations The Conversation
  First Teams Declare Entry for Inaugural Electric Air Race Public Acceptance, Air Race E, AllWays Air Racing, Condor, Team NL, Blue-BETA Racing, BETA Technologies Air Race E
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11/Jun/2019 Flying Taxis Will Bring Traffic Jams to the Sky Public Acceptance, Operations
  Ampaire Flies Hybrid Test Bed Ampaire 337, Hybrid Propulsion Sustainable Skies
  Lilium Selects London as Base to Develop World-Class Software Engineering Team, Lilium, Control Lilium
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29/May/2019 Embraer and WEG Sign an Agreement for Technological Cooperation in Electric Aeronautical Propulsion Systems Embraer, WEG, Propulsion Embraer
  Embraer outlines air traffic control infrastructure vision for urban air mobility in Flight Plan 2030 white paper ATC, UTM, Operations, EmbraerX, ATech FINN
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22/May/2019 DOCOMO Develops Wingless, Blade-free Drone Propelled with Ultrasonic Vibrations Drone, Propulsion FINN
  Airbus and SAS Scandinavian Airlines Sign Hybrid and Electric Aircraft Research Agreement Airbus, Scandinavian, Operations, Ground Support Airbus
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16/May/2019 Lilium Reveals Air Taxi with Maiden Flight Lilium, Lilium Jet, Flight Operations Lilium
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03/May/2019 Could High-flying Drones Power your Home One Day? Drone, Flight Operations BBC
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26/Apr/2019 Iris Automation Announces Casia, First Turnkey Collision-Avoidance Solution for Commercial Drones Casia, Iris Automation, Drone, Control, BVLOS Iris Automation
  Airlander takes Step toward Electric Propulsion Aircraft, E-HAV1, Airlander, Propulsion, University of Nottingham, Collins Aerospace Hybrid Air Vehicles
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11/Apr/2019 Flying Cars Could Cut Emissions, Replace Planes, and Free Up Roads – but Not Soon Enough Environment, Public Acceptance, Operations, Journey Style The Conversation
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5/Apr/2019 After More Than a Century, the Cyclocopter is Making a Comeback Cyclocopter, Advanced Research Foundation, Rotating Wings Popular Mechanics
  PAL-V and NLR start Development of their eVTOL FlyingCar PAL-V, NLR, FlyingCar, Personal, Autonomous, UAM PAL-V
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12/Mar/2019 Cracking the Devilish Aerodynamics of Newfangled Flying Cars Aircraft, BETA Technologies, Ava, Aerodynamics Wired
  Making Electric Vehicles Profitable McKinsey, Economics, Energy Storage McKinsey
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17/Feb/2019 Beta Technologies Pops out of Stealth, is Gearing up to be more than an eVTOL Startup Aircraft, BETA Technologies, UAM Clean Technica
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09/Feb/2019 ‘Refillable’ battery technology could provide enough energy to drive an electric car up to 3,000 miles Energy Storage
  Fantastic eVTOL Forecasts in Berger report “Urban air mobility — The rise of a new mode of transportation” Market Roland Berger
  NASA’s UAM Grand Challenge launched Research, NASA NASA
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07/Feb/2019 University of Florida held the world’s first brain-controlled drone race Drones, Control TechCrunch

The Pentagon’s Wild Plan for Mind-Controlled Drones

Drones, Control The Daily Beast

US military successfully tests brain implants that allow users to control drones with their minds

Drones, Control WeTalkUAV
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23/Jan/2019 NASA Selects Three Ideas to Pursue that Could Help Transform Aviation Energy Storage, Propulsion, Configuration NASA

Boeing Autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle Completes First Flight

Drone, eVTOL, Boeing NeXt, Aurora Flight Sciences Boeing
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10/Dec/2018 Technological, Economic and Environmental Prospects of All-Electric Aircraft Energy Generation, Market Nature
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20/Nov/2018 Boeing and SparkCognition to Launch Joint Venture SkyGrid, airspace management software




ATC, Control, Boeing, SparkCognition, SkyGrid Boeing
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14/Nov/2018 GAMA Accelerates Dialogue with European Regulators on eVTOL Aircraft Regulations, Governance GAMA
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12/Dec/2017 Power Sources: Discussion of Battery Technologies for Aircraft Energy Storage, Batteries, Configuration, Powertrain, True Blue Power, Saft Batteries, RECHARGE AeroSociety
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