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About EAN

Electric Aircraft News is a news site about all aspects of electric aircraft, and aircraft electrification, from the magnetic materials in the motors to the regulations controling operations.

We cover the whole range of topics associated with the development of electric aircraft from concept through to operation, and the electrification of aircraft systems.

Content is split into a few types:

  • News – content people feel important or interesting enough to expand on and perhaps give their opinions on in posts
  • Content We’ve Noted – content we feel should be signposted, but we’ve nothing particular to say about it, given in lists of links

The site is currently put together by A Bruce Stewart with advice from several people, but we’d welcome other writers joining the team. If you’re interested, please check out Posting on EAN.

A Bruce Stewart, BSc, MSc

I’ve had a life-ling passion for aircraft, which I developed into a career starting with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Glasgow University, UK.

I spent over 10 years working for British Aerospace, BAE SYSTEMS as it became, at Warton in the aircraft design function. I had a little time on the Eurofighter project in both design and manufacturing, and then in Operational Analysis, before working on the introduction of design procedures in CATIA V5. My final role there was in the project management of a Hawk training project.

I’m now the Head of Secretariat for the UK Magnetics Society, which has brought me into contact with many aspects of magnetics research and industry, from the sub-atomic level of spintronics to magnets weighting several tonnes in CERN or wind turbines.

On a personal level, I’m passionate about the environment, and not leaving a wasteland for my daughter to inherit, so the electrification of transport – and the closely related renewable generation revolution – can’t happen fast enough. However, I also believe the real breakthrough will only arrive with fusion power, and that may take ‘another 50 years’…

So, speaking personally, the electrification of aircraft is ideal sitting as it does at the nexus of three areas I’m passionate about. I hope I can help its progress by facilitating knowledge sharing and news.

About Electric Aircraft News

Electric Aircraft News is a trading name of Macresco Ltd, registered in England and Wales. Our registered address is: c/o Ralph Bettany Associates Ltd, 13 Vardre Rd, Clydach, SA6 5LP, UK

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